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chanel Alga of 3 million helix exposing to the sun is in
Clarify Shang Chen one after another in bureau of national medicine inspect times be good at, after the heavy metal of product of famous helix alga such as green A did not exceed content of mark, nonexistent lead to have the problem such as double standard, relevant enterprise began to strike back. Limited company of engineering of biology of Yunnan green A announces external last week, already mentioned to court of Kunming city intermediate people civil suit, requirement xinhua net and 4 relevant personnel compensate for 3 million yuan, send statement to say on company official net, the relevant report inconsistent with the facts that economic reference signs up for, will withhold all law to seek the right that appeal to lawfully. Course of study person the analysis thinks, although be in this enterprise in incident to be treated unjustly, but also answer as experience thing brand ego thinks over, the plumbic set limit to that realizes 0.5mg/kg is not tickler, industry has already, can ego asks strictly, why to do it, do not want patronage to wear call loss. Green A calls number the loss inside the day 3 million on lunar base, xinhua net released a problem to be new China viewpoint: The helix alga that examines and approve qualification why does lead exceed bid? article, call the alga of 8 great spire that heads with alga of green A helix the brand, among them 6 lead content exceeds bid, green A exceeds mark to amount to 80% [url=http://www.tulewo.com/chanel-bags.php]chanel[/url] , after the article is published be reprinted by each media big range immediately. Green A held news bulletin to meet on April 11, express to already reached 4 relevant personnel to xinhua net formal to lodge a complaint, in pointing out afore-mentioned [url=http://www.tulewo.com/chanel-bags.php]chanel bags[/url] articles, exist a few big serious and disloyal with misdirect, one is quotative plumbic content standard applicable mistake, reach lead of alga of green A helix exceeds bid thereby the wrong conclusion of 80% , superintendency bureau of national provision medicines and chemical reagents emphasized in the response that about helix alga health food concerns an issue on April 10, the solid beverage that is raw material with alga and set limit to of index of capsule product lead are 2.0mg/kg, and be not 0.5mg/kg; Another is this mention in the report declare flow to make a holiday, gimmick perpetrate a fraud, the company is declared mostly through intermediary orgnaization, green A claims, helix alga product is approved by company own research and development, him newspaper, intermediary orgnaization, search hire wait for a view to belong to fictitiousing zero. Limited company of engineering of biology of Yunnan green A carries out trustee Hu Zhixiang to express to media, the content of afore-mentioned articles is serious inconsistent with the facts, the reputation that gives a company caused inestimable loss, calculative of 3 million yuan of amount is immediate loss only, came on March 29 namely on April 4, consumer retreats money amount and sale of several brand shop to glide compared to the same period amount the sum. Yang Zhigong of general manager of limited company of engineering of biology of Yunnan green A expresses, although of the country detect result already announcement, but misgive, doubt still exists, green A still is in bear injustice. Not only it is green A, shang Chen times be good at also because of bag of this disturbance money times move gets hurt. Although national provision medicines and chemical reagents supervises management board to appear personally quickly,clarify, but still caused certain negative effect to consumer and investor sentiment, the Shang Chen that answer card traded on April 5 times be good at continue to drop greatly 8.48% , dropped for a time again on April 9 more than 7% . 3 trade since day share price already accumulative total drops 11.25% . The reporter [url=http://www.tulewo.com/mulberry-bags.php]mulberry bags[/url] understands in drugstore of this locality part, the Shang Chen before this the helix alga of times be good at brand is involved by exposure lead exceeds bid, a lot of drugstore had begun to fall frame, but receive an announcement to say again recently, the product did not exceed bid, so near future drugstore restored to sell again. Nevertheless the salesperson says, because be exceeded the impact [url=http://www.tulewo.com/ghd-hair-straightener.php]ghd[/url] of mark incident, close recently inquiry and the customer that buy helix alga are few, some people turn to buy albumen pink, vitamin. The heavy metal in environment of easier and adsorptive production is in helix alga green A holds a press conference before today, afterwards of bureau of national medicine inspect is Shang Chen times be good at, after the helix alga product such as green A clarifies, issue the response that about helix alga health food concerns an issue further again. Point out among them, research makes clear, helix alga has the rich market effect of certain level to lead. This can serve as why helix alga product is more comfortable than the standard of plumbic set limit to of other and common health food ' an explanation. Dietetics of communal and wholesome institute is Zhongshan university, health food detects central quality controller Professor Jiang Zhuoqin says to reporter explanation, because algae is put in stronger to ability of surroundings material adsorption character, if alga place grows the environment is polluted, contain very [url=http://www.tulewo.com/ghd-hair-straightener.php]ghd hair straightener[/url] easily take the matter such as heavy metal. Brand enterprise should review an expert of health food to introduce to the reporter, heavy metal of influence helix alga (include lead) the main reason that exceeds bid has tripartite side, one is water quality: Helix alga belongs to the plant with especially strong absorption affinity, if use,the fountainhead with exorbitant content of the heavy [url=http://www.tulewo.com/chanel-bags.php]http://www.tulewo.com/chanel-bags.php[/url] metal in water breeds helix alga, helix alga heavy metal (include lead) exceed bid necessarily; 2 it is air: Helix alga breeds requirement air very strict, if breed base air to be polluted (if be located in an industrial district) , helix alga heavy metal (include lead) exceed bid necessarily; It is helix alga breeds raw material to choose next: If sodium bicarbonate is in,choose on must ask strict, also meet otherwise helix alga heavy metal (include lead) exceed bid necessarily. This expert thinks, although, with alga and tea kind the solid beverage that is raw material and set limit to of capsule product lead are 2.0mg/kg, and rather than 0.5, but should achieve the standard of 0.5 to also be not tickler actually, the key sees a company whether can ego asks strictly, actually industry had an enterprise early to reach this level, for instance beneficial gives birth to the helix alga product of healthy. Zhang Yong also expresses, the official of leading role soup in the door that contain lead times be good at, the relevant production company such as green A also should undertake thinking over, the enterprise of sanitarian industry is to fight risk ability the weakest, the trade is larger and larger jump over however by the brim, ten million wants careful, rigorous, once hit thunder, give you to rehabilitate namely finally, the enterprise is early with respect to die. Industry appeals to ceremony of Guo Fan of researcher of advisory medicine industry is cast to point out in publishing strict check mark to allow, bring about such problem to appear, the reason is in two respects: It is standard faintness above all, home installs all inspection mark to allow neither one to be limitted strictly to food medicines and chemical reagents, not only home differs with foreign standard, save a standard to be widely divergent each even; It is to lack authority to detect honestly next inspection agency, this brings about misunderstanding to appear time and again. Be based on this incident, medicines and chemical reagents and health care taste what manufacturer home can do is to raise manufacturing level on one hand, carry out strict monitoring to producing a course, should have done positive public relations step to give on the other hand answer. Guangdong saves Zhang Yong of sanitarian association secretary-general to think, this incident report gives the issue that standard and code and market development do not deserve to cover, the flaw of code can let a person have different understanding, the hope drafts code of major of a few industries more. Health food still is put in a few outstanding safe issues to be in afore-mentioned responses that about helix alga health [url=http://www.tulewo.com/mulberry-bags.php]mulberry[/url] food concerns an issue, bureau of national medicine inspect still points out, from safety of current health food the situation looks, it is safe on the whole, but also put in a few outstanding issues. It is a few illegal businesses add banned article illegally. If reducing weight,law of functional product Central Africa adds Xibuquming, phenolphthalein. 2 it is to break the law violate compasses production to manage a phenomenon to happen from time to tome. If a few enterprises do not organize production according to the recipe of approval, craft. 3 it is health food false and exaggerated conduct propaganda is serious. If a few production manage an enterprise to use the media ad such as the press, TV,exaggerate wantonly product effect, intended even and promiscuous the bounds with medicines and chemical reagents, misdirect consumer. 4 be issue of sham health food is outstanding on the market. If some products are sham,date of article of health food approval and health food indicate, some products approve article date, production with food license number, disappear kills a product to approve the sham health food such as article date. Since food medicines and chemical reagents superintends a branch to fulfil superintendency obligation from 2008, be aimed at the outstanding issue that exists on the market, take effective measures actively, had done superintendency work hard. Begin severe blow to be added fakely, illegally continuously for instance, the outstanding issue such as false conduct propaganda, superintendency system of drug of countrywide various food examined health food of examination at random 2011 15627 kinds second, discover and move send concerned branch to investigate advertisement of illegal health food 17375. In addition, still advance code to build energetically, drive health food actively to supervise regulation to come on stage; Strengthen standard system and technology to support systematic construction, make demand of technology of raw material of commonly used health food, edit assessment technique of health food function, advance examine detect and construction of risk hierarchy of control, raise inspection agency examine ability; Aggrandizement supervises an examination daily, normative production manages action, begin a risk to monitor continuously. Guo Fan Li thinks, want to make sanitarian [url=http://www.tulewo.com/ghd-hair-straightener.php]http://www.tulewo.com/ghd-hair-straightener.php[/url] moral course of study gets healthy progress, domestic health care tastes an enterprise to must regard the core of the enterprise as competition ability content of promotion product science and technology, raise product quality level hard, make health care tastes an enterprise to transfer to company of new and high technology. Eat helix alga to be inferior to eating vegetables and fruits to suckle egg   ■ health reminds the door that contain lead to get appeasing, but to Shang Chen times be good at, the price such as green A at every turn the about a hundred helix alga of on 1000 health food, consumer breathes out not to rise continuously, in case have a problem really, this buys the money of healthy flower to hit water to float not to say, health also is damaged, consumer king young lady says to the reporter. Jiang Zhuoqin suggests to say, if not be to have surplus money, can need not buy the health food such as helix alga to eat. The nutrient origin with best people is common provision. Jiang Zhuoqin says, health food differs to eat when the meal, when officinal, although helix alga also contains a lot ofprotein, vitamin, the food such as our daily nevertheless egg, milk, vegetable, fruit also contains a lot ofall sorts of nutrition vitamins to wait. Raise immunity to what helix alga alleges force, radiation-proof wait for a function, jiang Zhuoqin expresses, do not have what meaning, motion, food is reasonable also can help enhance immune power, as to radiation-proof function, the health food that the country permits to approve does not have this in the function. Jiang Zhuoqin still alludes, although the heavy metal content such as the lead in these health food belongs to minim, inside safe limits, but if be long-term,eat, also can cause certain harm to the body. According to introducing, academy of American country sanitation (NIH) with national medicine library (NLM) collect the to function of helix alga health care research in the scientific paper that publishs publicly, to diabetic, high cholesterol, allergy, fight cancer, reduce weight the research quality evaluation that waits for 8 kinds of functions is C class, means does not have clear scientific evidence to this function. The overall assessment to helix alga is: Be based on current research, cannot make to support or objecting any health care of helix alga using recommend. And in the food that 6 months that World Health Organization announced 2008 spend hidebound children in 5 years old and [url=http://www.tulewo.com/mulberry-bags.php]http://www.tulewo.com/mulberry-bags.php[/url] nutrient composition choice, the commendation to helix alga the opinion is alga of some research indication helix to improvement hidebound likelihood is spent to have certain help in children, but should further research, this far be not a patch on is right the attitude of vegetable, fruit, milk, egg is positive. ------------------------------------------------ [url=http://www.dap520.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=27361]http://www.dap520.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=27361[/url] [url=http://www.gignorigins.fr/index.php?file=Forum&page=viewtopic&forum_id=3&thread_id=3674]http://www.gignorigins.fr/index.php?file=Forum&page=viewtopic&forum_id=3&thread_id=3674[/url] [url=http://xx-z.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=453738]http://xx-z.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=453738[/url] [url=http://ace-clan.eu/index.php?file=Forum&page=viewtopic&forum_id=5&thread_id=275]http://ace-clan.eu/index.php?file=Forum&page=viewtopic&forum_id=5&thread_id=275[/url] [url=http://forum.saglikcininsesi.com/showthread.php?t=8699&p=17148#post17148]http://forum.saglikcininsesi.com/showthread.php?t=8699&p=17148#post17148[/url] [url=http://lachatteriedegakincha.fr/index.php?file=Forum&page=viewtopic&forum_id=1&thread_id=6946]http://lachatteriedegakincha.fr/index.php?file=Forum&page=viewtopic&forum_id=1&thread_id=6946[/url] [url=http://icn.ie/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=312032]http://icn.ie/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=312032[/url] [url=http://bangkokbanging.com/member/blog_post_view.php?postId=29073]http://bangkokbanging.com/member/blog_post_view.php?postId=29073[/url] [url=http://team-super.com/index.php?site=forum_topic&topic=null]http://team-super.com/index.php?site=forum_topic&topic=null[/url] [url=http://androidleg.com/dev/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1194665]http://androidleg.com/dev/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1194665[/url]

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Porownania finansowe

W internecie mona odnale bez najmniejszego problemu kilka o ile nie kilkanacie porównywarek kredytów. Teoretycznie nie ma atwiejszego poszukiwania kredytu dla nas. Wybieramy kwot, czas kredytowania i porównywarka kredytowa uwidocznia nam setki propozycji kredytowych. W dodatku, moemy sobie dan ofert zamówi przez kontakt z doradc. Wszystko wydaje si atwe jednak...

W szeregu przypadków przy skadaniu wniosku dowiadujemy si, e nie dostaniemy kredytu gdy nie speniamy warunków banku.

Niestety porównywarka finansowa tylko porównuje oferty, podsuwa jaki kredyt jest dobry, uwidocznia schowane szczegóy oferty kredytowej, jakich w reklamie danego banku nie mona odszuka, natomiast porównywarka kredytowa nie wytycza, e w danym banku kredyt naturalnie pozyskamy.

Kady bank ma swoj wasn strategi, w jednym nasza zdolno kredytowa bdzie odpowiednia do otrzymania kredytu, w innym natomiast nie.

Jak skada wniosek o kredyt aby obniy prawdopodobiestwo odrzucenia wniosku? Warto skorzysta z pomocy doradcy kredytowego, zwykle w wikszych porównywarkach kredytowych jest sposobno skorzystania z pomocy doradcy kredytowego w peni gratisowo. Porównywarki kredytowe s bardzo wygodne, warto z nich korzysta wybierajc kredyt, powinno si jednak pamita, e to bank postanawia czy udzieli danej osobie kredytu.


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