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http://www.clshoesonlinestore.co.uk Hong Kong happening
Hong Kong happening bumps into boat accident 101 people are rescued to still 23 people are missing to [url=http://www.clshoesonlinestore.co.uk]http://www.clshoesonlinestore.co.uk[/url] be bumped into ferry only face of remnant bow dew trouble spot is rescued Hong Kong of passenger Hong Shaokui divides a company to photograph xinhua net Hong Kong the boat that report will carry a guest to make an appointment with 100 people on October 1 and, carry passenger [url=http://www.cheapnikemaxonline.co.uk]http://www.cheapnikemaxonline.co.uk[/url] ship to sink. Latest news says Na Ya island bumps into boat accident to had brought about 25 people to die, death confirms after 17 people are saved to rise among them, after additionally 8 people send a courtyard rescue, do not treat. Division of water of Ruan of director of operation of lamp of accident ship-owner harbor says, there are 124 people on the boat when the accident, among them 3 factitious sailors. At present 10 several boats are rescued in accident spot. It is reported, two boats are used for power company receive the market that holds employee to cross, another is tug. Media cite street is crossed on the word of the person that be rescued says, the accident is abrupt, the boat is hit the horizontal stroke bumps, the person on the boat falls, buttock sinks first. Carry head of passenger ship Yu Chuan to show water at present. Liang Zhenying of commissioner of Hong Kong special zone reachs commercial and transportation center of Hai Yi peninsula that evening, understand the circumstance, person that express sympathy and solicitude for. He says, governmental headquarters already established urgent and harmonious center, will come to help with all one's strength fall sea personage. There are a lot of commons to call a street the ferry travel that cross between the island of Hong Kong and island, this kind of street is crossed is a kind of small-sized ferry, capacity carrying a passenger is not much, basically offer the passenger transport on short distance water to serve. Relevant knowledge: City of mystical spirit boat is rear on the world: Gangdom of Hong Kong of family of Hong Kong poor hundred years wind and cloud (responsibility edits: Lv Yang)Related articles: [url=http://igamex.clanteam.com/index.php?file=Guestbook]http://igamex.clanteam.com/index.php?file=Guestbook[/url] [url=http://www.netgames.fr/index.php?file=Guestbook]http://www.netgames.fr/index.php?file=Guestbook[/url] [url=http://www.chess-camper.it/forum/index.php?topic=161353.msg206852#msg206852]http://www.chess-camper.it/forum/index.php?topic=161353.msg206852#msg206852[/url] [url=http://www.amitiesperance.cef.fr/site/index.php?file=Guestbook]http://www.amitiesperance.cef.fr/site/index.php?file=Guestbook[/url]

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