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Plastic Pipe
Products Details
IFAN factory is manufacturing PERT pipe for 28 years with rich experience and high quality.
Products Feature
IFAN PE-RT floor-heating pipe can be used in general design conditions with its flexibility and excellent frost resistance. And it is also one of the most used pipes in floor radiant heating. PE-RT tube is harmless colorless and tasteless.clean and environmental friendly with good heat and pressure resistance. It's often used in winter construction because of its long-term pressure resistance, pressure cracking resistance, good frost performance, excellent impact resistance. Import special raw materials to ensure quality, advanced equipment and technology to ensure production, national standard inspection to ensure product quality stability, so its normal service life is more than 50 years.
SizeDomestic PackingTrading Packing
ColorTransparent, red, grey, and so on
MaterialNew material from Korea LG
Working TemperatureBelow 75鈩?/p>
PackingNormal IFAN Carton,customized accepted
ApplicationCold and hot water supply systems
CertificationGB/T 19001-2000-ISO 90
Technical Parameters
Application of Field
鈼嶵he international leading special extrusion equipment, perfect quality control system and production technology can transform the superior performance of raw materials into pipeline products to the greatest extent.
鈼嶵he inner wall of the pipeline is smooth, with small resistance, not easy to scale, improving heating efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
鈼嶨ood temperature and pressure resistance, long-term use temperature up to 95 鈩?
鈼嶦asy to bend, easy to install, fast, less pipe fittings, easy to install.
鈼嶪t has good friction resistance and can resist slight abrasion and scratch during transportation and construction.
鈼嶵he service life is more than 50 years.Plastic Pipe

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