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Artificial Green Fence-dark Green Ivy Leaf quotation
About HYYC Grass
HYYC Grass is a leading solution provider specializes in R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service for sports and landscaping artificial turf and related products.
Our Vision
HYYC Grass strives to be a reliable partner and lead the market with innovative products and comprehensive service.
Our Manufacturing
2 manufacturing sites, with 30,000,000+ square meter annual capacity. All production process including yarn extrusion, twisting, tufting and backing are applied inhouse for ensured quality and cost control.
Our Quality
HYYC grass focus on whole process quality control from raw material to finished products by following ISO9000 and FIFA requirements. Every manufacturing steps are checked to ensure best output on finished products to offer best in class artificial turf products for customers.
Our R&D
HYYC grass beholds that innovation is backbone of long-term business, and continuous R&D investment is foundation of creative and featuring products. HYYC grass ensures driving power to keep bringing brand new products for customer satisfaction.
Our Service
We believe that it is important to offer high quality service to clients. Our service includes but not limited to consulting, marketing, logistics, technical training and project design. Services provided by well-trained staff ensures high level of customer satisfaction.
Our Products
We provide various models of artificial gras for different applications, including sport, residential, commercial, multi-purpose, DIY, customized and so on. Our stable quality products enjoy great reputation in more than 80 countries all over the world.Artificial Green Fence-dark Green Ivy Leaf quotation

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