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HelengriffinPosté 12/04/2021 05:40

Product Introduction
Carbon steel test pile is a kind of auxiliary equipment used for cathodic protection of pipeline with potential test probe to test the protective pipeline. It is mainly used to detect the parameters of cathodic protection and is an essential device in pipeline management and maintenance. The test pile can be used to test the potential, current and insulation performance of pipelines, as well as to test the leakage of covering layer and ac/DC interference.The test joints can be divided into six, eight and ten joints, which can be conveniently formed into potential, current, sacrificial anode, insulation performance test pile or cross pipe test pile according to the specific requirements of customers.
Product Parameter
Carbon steel test pile can be divided into carbon steel test pile and stainless steel test pile according to the material. The common specifications and models are as follows锛?/p>
Note: Other specifications and models can be customized according to customer requirements, shape color can also be customized according to customer requirements.
Classification of test piles
1. By nature: steel test pile, cement test pile, plastic test pile, glass steel pipe test pile
(Steel test pile is also divided into carbon steel test pile and stainless steel test pile)
2. By function:
1. Potential test pile: it is mainly used to detect potential
2. Sacrificial anode test pile: it is used to connect sacrificial anode to measure the performance parameters of sacrificial anode
3. Current test pile: Measure the current in the pipe
4. Protection effect test pile: connect the test piece
Product feature and application
During construction, the steel tube test pile shall be installed in conjunction with other cathodic protection systems.When installing the test pile, the position should be set along the direction of the protected pipe, and the distance between the two adjacent test devices should be between 1km and 3km.If the pipeline passes through urban towns or industrial parks, the distance between adjacent test units should not exceed 1km. If the test is to be conducted in areas affected by stray current, the distance between test piles should be properly encrypted.
The environment where the test pile is generally placed includes:
1. Crossing or parallel section between the protected pipeline and ac or DC electrified railway;
2. The place where the insulating joint is installed;
3. A place connected to the ground system;The position of the metal casing;
4. Where the protected pipe is connected to other pipes or structures;
5. Where the auxiliary test piece is connected with the grounding device;
6. The crossing of a pipe with a surrounding road or dyke;
7. A place crossing a railroad or running water;Adjacent to the external metal structure of the building, etc.
At least two cables shall be connected to the protected pipe when installing the test device, and the cables to be used shall be colored or marked differently, and the whole line shall be unified.Test Pile suppliers